Conn 48a Long Model Cornet

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CONN 48a Bb Long Model CORNET

Pre-owned Vintage Bb Cornet

Maker: Conn Band Instruments

Manufactured: Approx. 1940-41

Condition: The instrument is presented in playing condition. The lacquer was almost all gone so it was stripped back and given a raw brushed finish. There are still some small dings under the bell bow. The bell engravings were over-buffed in the past - so these are faint. Patch on the 2nd valve slide that looks to be a protective patch. Valves still hold compression. The horn plays with a very full and rich tone that these are famous for. An excellent combo horn for not a lot of money.

Accessories included: This cornet comes with the original imitation alligator style case and the original conn 4 cornet mouthpiece in silver plate.