Heritage Line - Custom Bb Trumpet BC6 'Braelynn'

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Brass Cellar Heritage Line

BC6 - Braelynn

This is a one-of-a-king custom Bb Trumpet that has been assembled by a professional horn maker in the USA. It was named Braelynn for two reasons 1) it means strength and 2) it's a more classical name. Strength as the horn plays with plenty of power and volume. A classical name as the horn has not deviated too far from the original design.

Maker: Kevin Powers (Michigan Musical Instrument Services and Ex. Schilke Trumpet and Custom horn builder)

Made: Aug 2018

Bell: Custom Lawler C7 Gold Brass Bell in a heavy gauge. 

Valve Block: Martin Indiana Bb Trumpet (1950's) in a medium bore

Leadpipe: Custom tweaked Indiana Bb Pipe with a 1950's Martin Indiana Tuning Slide

Trim: Martin Imperial/Indiana Nickel Trim with a custom inlay set of Snakeskin Jasper inlays from Montreal

Braces: Martin Handcraft Imperial/Indiana style braces

Finish: Scratched raw brass finish.

This custom horn was assembled using all vintage parts. Don't be fooled by the lack of a 3rd slide tuning ring/slide - they were designed that way and this horn is very in tune. The result is a horn that plays up and down the scale with ease and possesses a huge sound. The trumpet possesses a full and dark sound. Tuning is solid and you have a medium to open blowing instruments. You will not find another like this one. The Lawler trumpets C7 bell is a real upgrade to this instrument and used to be used on the Martin Committee style Lawler trumpets. Combine this with the skill of the brass technician who assembled the horn (Kevin Powers is a brass tech with decades of experience working for himself and during the 1990's made many Schilke Trumpets). There are few that come better. This instrument would make a great soloist horn, or jazz combo style. This is the sixthth trumpet in the Heritage Line of which, there will only be a maximum of 12 unique instruments ever made.