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 Welcome to the Martin Band Instruments Database


The goal of this database is to create the most detailed visual reference material for Martin Instruments from the 1930’s through till the 1960’s you’ve ever seen!

This information is dedicated to the hard working men and women who created such wonderful instruments for us to play and enjoy over the decades that they were in operation. (Pictured above is a staff photo from 1950 of the workers at the Martin Band Instruments Factory).

The database will be an evolving process as it will change and develop over time. At this stage information and visual elements are basic. Once I have further time (this database is 100's of hours already) then I will make it visually more appealing and bring added detail (i.e. dimensions etc).

If you have any information, brochures, advertising or instruments that you think would benefit this information please get in touch with me via the Contact Us page.

Topics include:

Please click each link below for further information (Items without links are still being compiled)


  1. Martin Trumpet and Cornet Cases 

  2. Martin Mouthpieces 

  3. Martin Bell Variations and Engraving

  4. Finger Button and Trim Kit Designs (IN PROGRESS)

  5. Finger Rings & Hooks 

  6. 3rd Slide Ring Designs 

  7. Trumpet Bracing 

  8. Visual Guide to Martin Trumpets & Cornets

  9. Martin Condition Guide 

  10. Finishes

  11. Identifying Bore sizes and markings

  12. Martin Published Materials & Advertising

  13. Serial Numbers List 

  14. Martin Factory Workers 1950 

  15. Martin 'Sleeper' Trumpets 

  16. IBICO - Indiana Band Instrument Company