Martin Handcraft Dansant - Artist Engraving

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Pre-owned Vintage Bb Trumpet

Maker: Martin Band Instruments

Manufactured: Approx. 1926

A trumpet from another era. This would have been making it's mark at the beginning of the Big Band swing era. I am not sure who owned this trumpet - but this is the top of the top level available at that period. The finish is quadruple silver plating covered with quadruple gold plating. To top it off it has beautiful hand engraving and art on the bell. (Please refer to images).  It is a small bore trumpet and features a small bell also.

Condition: The instrument is in great condition for it's age. There are of course a few small dings here and there (largest is a small impression on the back of the bell bow) - but otherwise it's lasted the test of time well. Gold plating is still at 90-95% although not as bright as it once was. There is evidence that the bottom pipe on the tuning slide was repaired at some stage. (I notice a small hairline crack next to a very well done solder job). Leadpipe has a very (and I mean very) slight droop from sitting in the case. It's ready to play, or make it the pride of your Martin collection.

Accessories included: This trumpet comes complete with original case and the original gold plated Martin Handcraft mouthpiece that came with the instrument.