Martin Imperial Bb Cornet

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Pre-owned Cornet

Maker: Martin Band Instruments

Manufactured: Approx. 1956

Condition: This instrument was recently serviced and repaired by Kevin Powers (Michigan Musical Instrument Services) who is an expert Brass Technician and custom horn maker. The braces have been re-soldered to reduce tension in the horn - the result is a much better playing instrument. All alignment and parts checked - so it's ready to go. The downside of brace re-soldered is that there is some lacquer loss in those areas due to them using a higher heat required solder to join the parts and a low heat lacquer during that period. Martin Imperial Cornets are very flexible instruments that could be used in a variety of different playing genres. They area also well know to be hardy instruments and this one had decades of playing left to go if treated with respect.

Accessories included: This cornet will come with an original period cornet case in good condition, and an original Martin cornet mouthpiece also in good condition.