Buying Vintage Martin Instruments and Accessories

Do you have a Martin Instrument/Accessory that you’d like to sell?

I do buy instruments and accessories from Martin, Martin Band Instruments etc. (For the right price of course).

In order for me to come up with an estimated purchase price I would ask that you follow the steps below.

Note: I am based in New Zealand - but have access to at least 2 professional repair stores in the United States. If you are worried about International shipping from the US never fear as we can arrange to send these directly to the repairers instead.


Write me a short email stating that you have an instrument/accessory that you are interested in selling using the form below. Your initial email should include: Model, Serial and general condition of the horn you have as an initial step.

How do I tell which model of Martin I have?

Check the Bell: Models are typically written on the Bell. It will have something like – Martin, Made in Elkhart Indiana and then a Model.

Look for the words: Superlative, Symphony, Imperial, Handcraft,Standard, Committee or Indiana.

Check the side of the mouthpiece receiver:  It might say the words Deluxe or Custom on the side. 

STEP 2. (After I have indicated interest)

Take some images of the horn from multiple angles. If there are any noticeable issues (i.e. a dent or a crack) please try to take an image of this area.

At the end of this we should have the following information:

  • Manufacturer’s Name – Martin 
    • Model Name 
    • Serial Number
    • Silver, Lacquered Brass, Gold, etc.
    • Original Case? Accessories? Original mouthpiece?
    • Condition (signs of previous repair, dents, plating wear, etc.) 


I always like to know the history of how the horn came to be obtained by you. Passed down, found it at a Flea Market, Pawn shop find etc. (Sometimes the histories can be asequally interesting as the instrument)


Steps after this……….

Assuming you have provided a very good description, great photos via email. You can state a firm asking price (or we arrive at a mutually agreed price), plus actual shipping I am then able to accept or decline your offer to purchase.

 If I do accept, I will send payment via our agreed option (Paypal or Cashiers cheque in your local funds) and then expect you to promptly via our agreed shipping option.

You were unable to determine an asking price and/or you are unable to provide photos of suitable quality. In this case, I could proceed as follows: I’d provide you an estimated range of what I might pay you for the instrument (such as $150 to $250) depending on the condition, etc.

I’d ask you to pack & ship the instrument to me, via the agreed shipper (With insurance)

I will examine the instrument, then notify you with my offer (by email) within three day of receiving the instrument.

If you accept my offer, I will send payment immediately, either via Paypal or Cashier’s cheque as agreed prior.

If you decline my offer, I will return the instrument – you pay return shipping and any applicable duties in that case.


I may be able to recommend another party (buyer) who may be interested in purchasing the instrument instead.