Martin Published Materials & Advertising

Here’s a small collection of what I have currently been able to assemble for the Martin Band Instruments.

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Martin Handcraft Trumpets Brochure – This is a super rare 1920's Martin Handcraft Trumpets Advertising Brochure (It's actually the only copy I have personally seen anywhere). Feature Artist is Karl Risseland (b. Dec 22 1894 d. Feb 13 1971) who had a lengthy career.


Martin “Committee” Advertisement – This is the original 1940’s Ad that caused many discussions about who actually designed the Martin Committee trumpet vs. what the advertising shows.


 Smaller advertising examples as found in Downbeat Magazines of the era



Swing tag from a 1937 Martin Handcraft Imperial. This explains how to care for the valves and slides


Martin Indiana Card (Included with Martin Indiana’s from the 1940’s & 50’s


 Martin Original ‘Swing Tag’ Would have been shown on display and attached to the instrument. 1940’s to 1950’s era. Would have been on Martin Committee’s or Imperials of the time.


Martinamel – Original care guide for protecting the clear finish of the instrument.


 Martin ~1936 Price List – Check out what the instruments originally cost, as well as the different options available at the time.



Martin 1936 Pocket Notepads – These must have been small advertising giveaways. Dated as there is a 1936 – 1937 calendar reference chart in the back.


Martin Pocket ‘Jot’ Pad – This might have been a giveaway or a salesman’s pad for jotting down notes on the road.


Martin Band Instruments Bridge Set – an interesting office/gift item. A set of playing cards and notepad for Bridge.



Martin Service Award Programme - a dinner order of events from August 22nd, 1942 awarded to Martin Band Instruments from the Army & Navy