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Vintage vs. New - Why Vintage is Better!

Just talking about one of the more recent videos BC Serious Talk - Ep. 3 - Vintage is better! where I discuss why I think vintage instruments are a better buy for most people that new instruments.

Chances are if you walk into most musical instrument retail stores - they are probably going to push you towards buying a new instrument when what would be better is a nice used instrument. 

The points I was trying to get across in the video are as follows:

  • You have the ability to research and make a strong educated decision with older horns.
  • You get better value for your money in the initial purchase (i.e. more horn for your hard earned dollars).
  • Resale value is typically better as the horn has already depreciated.
  • If you choose wisely then you may even get more for the horn that you initially paid for it - and get to enjoy it for the years that you own it.
  • Vintage instruments typically have more character and a unique voice than most modern which are more built for consistency.

(Note the above list does not apply to custom instruments - as they are typically built specifically for your purposes)

Below is my initial notes sheet - so you get a 'behind the scenes' look at what my thought process is, as well as what I might be looking at in the videos